Beer is Here!

At the end of October, Chef Kramer, of Table 301, teamed up with Jon and Pierre at the Growler Station to pair his delicious fare with their seasonal brews…and I got to experience it! Be sure to pay a visit to Jon and Pierre – they’ll encourage you to sit and stay for a bit while you enjoy a craft beer from their impressive selection of bottles or a fresh one from the tap. With mellow jams, comfy couches, and of course, free wi-fi, this is my kind of low-key hangout!

©CCR_GS Blog-12Free fact: High-tech lookin’ machines fill up the growler without using excess air, which means your beer stays fresh until it’s opened. Why didn’t we think of that?


©CCR_GS Blog-19

Check out Chef Kramer’s killer menu from the dinner…

©CCR_GS Blog-3Snack: Pretzels and cherry mustard with Octoberfest beer



©CCR_GS Blog-85

©CCR_GS Blog-158

©CCR_GS Blog-129Chef Kramer working his magic in his makeshift kitchen beneath the floors of the Growler Station.

Dinner: Arugala salad with roasted pears, pumpkin seeds, and parmesan reggiano  |  slow cooked beef with parsley-garlic marinade, stout reduction  |  braised chicken with preserved lemon, pine nuts, & rosemary  |  Grain mustard glazed potatoes  |  butternut squash with sage and brown sugar  |  Paired with Belgian Style Tripel and Pumpkin Ale

Dessert: Warm apple crisp with caramel sea salt sauce served with Imperial IPA

Now, head on over and grab a pint!

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