Sneak Peek: Brewery 85

It’s true! Brewery 85 opens this Saturday, February 1st, right here in Greenville, and I got to take a peek inside the much anticipated beer-lover’s spot. Will McCameron, Owner and President, gave me the full tour and insight about what’s on the horizon for this new brewery. Let’s just say he has big plans! After getting his masters in brewing in Germany, Will returned to our humble state to put his degree to the test. He worked with Thomas Creek and brewed out of his home, then decided it was time to share his craft with Greenville. Brewery 85 is going to be a relaxed, after-work spot to come with friends and have a pint at the bar or out back on the patio. A couple to try: Southern Pale Ale & Quittin’ Time Hellis Bach.

Brewery 85 opens this Saturday from noon to 4 and you won’t want to miss it! You’ll find food trucks, music, games, and of course some delicious beer samples. See you there! 

Brewery85 2

©CCR_Brewery 85-8849

©CCR_Brewery 85-8891

Brewery85 1

©CCR_Brewery 85-8893

©CCR_Brewery 85-8955

Brewery85 3

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