Coffee Culture

Here he is, people! Will Shurtz, of Vagabond Barista, travels far and wide to share his love of perfectly brewed coffee with the world. No brick and mortar necessary; Will sets up his brew bar anywhere you can dream of, including this bridge in downtown Greenville. Coffee on a bridge? Yes, please!

Will started his company 2 years ago and uses the art of brewing coffee to inspire other people’s art and get involved in different communities and cultures. His vision for Vagabond Barista is to have coffee culture mimic wine culture in the sense that wine is meant to be sipped and enjoyed with friends…that’s the culture he hopes to create with coffee. I’m all for slowing down and spending time with people I care about.

It became apparent as I sat on the bridge with Will that he loves meeting new people, talking to every bridge-goer that passed by. Will’s story is one of my favorites so far…maybe it’s my love of the entrepreneurial spirit or my appreciation of an excellent cup of coffee. Either way he couldn’t be nicer, and I couldn’t be more pleased that this little brew bar is a whole lot more than a simple cup-o-joe!







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