Due South Coffee Roasters: Part 1

As I started wading through my notes from my time with Due South owners, Patrick McInerney and Ricardo Pereira, I realized the amount of info I want to tell about this place might merit more than one post. I left feeling super excited about these guy’s vision for Greenville’s coffee culture and all that they have in the works for Due South. Hence my need for more writing space and time!

I’ll start with the story of how Due South came into existence and you’ll just have to stay tuned in the coming weeks for a peak at some of the speciality drinks that are coming out of this place.

Patrick’s marketing background from New York City and Ricardo’s green coffee knowledge from his upbringing in Brazil make for a dynamic team with lots of love for the bean. They aim to bring the rich coffee culture that they’ve experienced up north down to our neck of the woods and make it approachable for all levels of coffee drinkers. They have big plans for the company and for how they want to use their new space, including community events, concert series, and even a mountain bike race or two! These two appreciate art and have utilized their craftsmen neighbors to renovate their space into this coffee mecca. The only new thing here is the plumbing! This coffee shop is in good company, with over 30 of the 50 mill-dwellers being artists, and they took advantage of the creative community to refurbish this unique space. A mill neighbor, Harry, created the brass espresso makers in his metal shop, and another friendly inhabitant fashioned custom espresso tampers for Due South. Mill Owner, Kenneth Walker, is at the helm of revamping the mill by providing affordable work spaces for these creatives.

After all of that, still not a coffee connoisseur? Fret not, because this coffee roasting facility turned combination roaster and coffee bar is welcoming and eager to provide a coffee education. Check out Due South Coffee Roasters at Taylors Mill for a little inspiration and an amazing cup of coffee. And keep your eyes peeled for more on Due South and some of their handcrafted drinks coming up!













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