Wine Review: Butter is Better

When I’m with my family, especially the girls, it’s hard to resist a good wine tasting along with our usual happy hour charcuterie. So when my mama came to Greenville a few weeks ago, it was only fitting to try out some new ones. When it comes to white wine, or any wine for that matter, it’s Chardonnay or bust! The more buttery the better in my book, so we put on our butter blinders and made our selections! I’m no sommelier, but it’s always fun to try something a little different.

Here are our oh-so-professional critiques from our oh-so-formal tasting:

Running with Scissors Chardonnay
“Ripe tropical fruit flavors with cream notes…lush oak, hints of vanilla, and apple”
Although this was suggested as buttery, it turned out to be pretty fruit forward and tart. Not my definition of butter but still a nice Chardonnay. At $10 a bottle from Total Wine, who can complain? With fish, this would hit the spot for sure!


Square Chardonnay RRV
“Aromas of butter (YEAH!), pear, and tropical fruit…finished with butterscotch and creme brulee”
You can see why we chose this one…the description alone made me want to crack it open in the store! And I’ll admit it, I couldn’t resist the bottle and gave in to the appealing packaging on this one…great reason to buy right? The California Square wasn’t as buttery as expected but again, would be delicious with dinner.

©CCR_Wine spread

Anyone else have Chardonnay suggestions that can butter us up? Cheers!


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