“All Art Requires Courage”

I’ve been feeling a need for a little inspiration in the midst of this constantly hectic summer, so I’m sharing something a little different today and I’m super excited about it. “All art requires courage” is the quote from Ann Tucker in Jennifer’s bio and I can totally relate to this sentiment.

Jennifer Bedenbaugh, of Crave Studio, graciously welcomed me into her West Greenville space to chat about her work, process, and the growing art culture in Greenville.  I say this a lot but I just love connecting with other creatives and need to do a better job of that on a regular basis. It keeps me fresh creatively and satisfies my perpetual craving (no pun intended :)) to hear about other’s businesses and personal stories.

If you’re familiar with Jennifer’s work, then you know one of her crowd favorites…the pear. Being a mini fanatic, I was drawn to her tiny handmade pears right off the bat, but she also makes a life-size version that’s just as appealing. Despite the popularity of her pears, Jenn says that her favorite pieces are the more functional ones like lidded canisters and jars. These can be found in her shop, along with an assortment of her own work as well as hand-crafted home wares from other independent artists.

Another fav of this talented girl is working on her wheel. I got to watch as she threw a pot and got so mesmerized for a minute that I forgot to shoot! It’s one of those things that’s so impressive because the average Joe can’t just sit down and throw a pot with such ease like Jenn can. It truly was a treat to watch her work and get to capture her in her element. I’m hoping to get to do the same with other local artists and share some more stories from these talented people in the village.

Next time your in the Village of West Greenville for the Saturday market, stop by Crave and pick up a piece of Jennifer’s beautiful pottery or just feast your eyes on all that she has to offer!

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Crave spread2

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  1. oh wow, her work is gorgeous! definitely going to have to stop by and explore next time i am in the neighborhood!

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