Gourmet in a Cardboard Box

We got our first delivery from Blue Apron last week and I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out delicious and super easy to cook. My mother-in-law sent us a free week of meals so we got to try it, risk free…why not? With all the ingredients you need in your delivery box, there’s no measuring or running out to buy that random forgotten spice that you’ll only use once in a blue moon. Score! One night we cooked steak with miso-roasted veggies atop a kale salad with ponzu dipping sauce. It was one of those meals that I wouldn’t have normally gravitated too but was so tasty that I’ll probably make it again! This type of service isn’t one that we’d use on a regular basis, but could be fun every once in a while…it always tastes better when you don’t have to do the planing and prep work, right?

©CRP_LRBlueApron-9814 ©CRP_LRBlueApron-9819 ©CRP_LRBlueApron-9827 ©CRP_LRBlueApron-9836 ©CRP_LRBlueApron-9849 ©CRP_LRBlueApron-9859


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  1. How fun! I’ve always wanted to do this! Thanks for the sharing xx

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