Hometown Tourist: Greenville Chef’s Tour

John Nolan, of Greenville History Tours, invited us to join him on his Chef’s Tour last week. We sampled plates from several Table 301 restaurants, met their talented chefs, and learned a little about our own city. If you’re traveling to Greenville or even if you live here and are in need of a date night, this is the way to do the Greenville food scene. We started at Soby’s on the side, hit Soby’s, Nose Dive, and Paserelle, and ended with desert at The Lazy Goat. Chef, Todd Warden, of Soby’s on the Side demonstrated how to cook wonton’s with pulled pork and collard greens as well as a version with smoked rabbit and mustard greens. Nose Dive served a thai-tasting noodle dish that was right up my alley. At Paserelle, we had fried chicken with watermelon radish that tasted like spring. It was the most unique dish from the night and probably my favorite because of the light, citrusy flavors. We ended the night at The Lazy Goat with a killer blueberry lemoncello!

Here are a few shots from the night…

©CRP_LRChefsTour-9868©CRP_LRChefsTour-9878©CRP_LRChefsTour-9882 ©CRP_LRChefsTour-9886 ©CRP_LRChefsTour-9897 ©CRP_LRChefsTour-9901 ©CRP_LRChefsTour-9912 ©CRP_ChefsTour2 ©CRP_ChefsTour1

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