Why Thailand? Part 2

The southern islands of Thailand are beautiful! Clear, bright blue water with islands, big and little, dotting the horizon – what more could you ask for?

Koh Lanta:
We chose to stay on an island that is more off the beaten path and less touristy than some of the other islands. Our little beach-side bungalows were the perfect place to stay and we fell in love with the laid back atmosphere of this island. We took a 4 island day trip in a long tail boat, which has the loudest engine you’ve ever heard! The boys are convinced they take old car engines and bolt them onto the back of boats. Muffler, not included.

We snorkeled, kayaked, collected coral, and enjoyed the water and scenery on all of the islands we visited. As you can see, lots of hammocks were enjoyed during this part of the trip!©CRP_LR_Thailand-730©CRP_LR_Thailand-739©CRP_LR_Thailand-734©CRP_LR_Thailand-770©CRP_LR_Thailand-759©CRP_LR_Thailand-769©CRP_LR_Thailand-749

This was about day 6 or 7 and while we all thoroughly enjoyed Thai food, we saw burgers on the menu at Drunken Sailors and looked at each other like, ‘You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin?’ And burgers it was.©CRP_LR_Thailand-806©CRP_LR_Thailand-798©CRP_LR_Thailand-802

We walked down the beach after dinner and stumbled upon a fire show.©CRP_LR_Thailand-836©CRP_LR_Thailand-846©CRP_LR_Thailand-857©CRP_LR_Thailand-891©CRP_LR_Thailand-861©CRP_LR_Thailand-866©CRP_LR_Thailand-872©CRP_LR_Thailand-896©CRP_LR_Thailand-903©CRP_LR_Thailand-918©CRP_LR_Thailand-940©CRP_LR_Thailand-962©CRP_LR_Thailand-877©CRP_LR_Thailand-1057

Our last afternoon in the south was spent on Railay Beach.©CRP_LR_Thailand-1097©CRP_LR_Thailand-1046©CRP_LR_Thailand-1099©CRP_LR_Thailand-1018©CRP_LR_Thailand-1003

We began and ended our trip in Bangkok. We arrived and stayed at One Day Hostel, which had the most helpful people working there. We jumped right into the custom of removing our shoes while inside and using bottled water for brushing our teeth. Bangkok is a bustling city and you’re smacked with a thousands different smells as you walk down the streets, some delicious and some not so much. It’s also not as picturesque as the islands (hence the lack of cityscape photos) but there’s plenty to do in Bangkok!©CRP_LR_Thailand-6©CRP_LR_Thailand-4©CRP_LR_Thailand-12©CRP_LR_Thailand-11

We ended our trip in the city and stayed at The Yard Hostel which is made entirely out of shipping containers. It’s modern and clean and awesome! They had yummy breakfasts there too and the people were the best!©CRP_LR_Thailand-1155©CRP_LR_Thailand-1150©CRP_LR_Thailand-1121©CRP_LR_Thailand-1127©CRP_LR_Thailand-1132©CRP_LR_Thailand-1143©CRP_LR_Thailand-1117

That about sums up our trip and hopefully answers the question of “Why Thailand?” If anyone is planning a trip to Thailand and needs recommendations for where to go, eat, and stay, we’d love to help!


©Cameron Reynolds Photography, LLC. Photos by Cameron and Ned Reynolds

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