How to Design a Small, Personal Gallery Wall for your Home

I started this gallery wall months ago and have been waiting for a final piece to complete it. We finally finished our wall with a panoramic shot from our recent travels to Thailand (I know you think I’m obsessed!). I’d love to continue adding to the wall (much to Ned’s dismay) as I collect more art and photographs from our travels. I think it’s a great way to commemorate where you’ve been and show a little bit of who you are! {shot on iPhone}

Here’s how I went about laying out and executing my gallery wall:
1. Gather art and frames for the wall.
2. Cut kraft paper to the size of framed art.
3. Use washi tape to stick kraft cutouts to wall to design the layout. Mine is pretty symmetrical but you can arrange it however you like.
4. Number frames and kraft layout accordingly.
5. Hang frames and enjoy your beautiful gallery wall!




©Cameron Reynolds Photography, LLC


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