Collaboration GIVEAWAY with Kate Mullin Art!

I’m excited to announce an Instagram GIVEAWAY and collaboration with Kate Mullin Art! Follow us on instagram to learn more about the giveaway @katemullinart and @camreynphoto and have a chance to win a painting by Kate!

Kate and I met through the recommendation of a friend about Kate doing a painting as a gift for my mom. We got to talking and decided that she’d paint a few of my photographs so naturally I was pumped about it! I got to watch her at work as she painted this floral arrangement by Floressence Flowers and loved seeing her bring my images to life in a different medium!

©CCP_LR_KateMullinEdits-2-36©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-24©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-32©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-22©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-23©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-14©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-33©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-37©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-38©CCP_LR_Kate Mullin-2-49


©Cameron Reynolds Photography, LLC.

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