Claire and Drew’s Wilcox Hotel Wedding in Aiken, SC

Claire and Drew’s Aiken, South Carolina destination wedding was a dream! They chose Aiken after falling in love with the city while Drew lived there and Claire spent plenty of weekends there visiting him. I love that these two chose somewhere out of their hometowns that was special to the both of them.


The details were some of my favorites all summer – classic, simple and oh so pretty, especially her all white bouquet with little pops of green. ©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-13©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-15©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-18©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-22©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-31©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-36©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-38©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-41©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-47©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-49©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-51

Drew were his grandfather’s cufflinks and his guys were looking sharp in their navy tuxes and white boutonnieres.  ©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-272©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-276©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-277©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-279©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-297©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-349©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-357©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-301©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-361

Claire is such a natural beauty so it was no surprise that she looked amazing on her wedding day, from her heirloom earrings (her mom’s that were given to her by Claire’s grandfather) down to her Badgley Mischka clad toes. Her right hand ring was also “something borrowed” from her grandmother. ©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-111©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-113©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-118©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-122©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-134©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-143©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-200©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-228©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-229©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-388©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-391©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-392©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-396©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-402©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-418©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-424©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-431©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-432©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-444©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-500©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-488©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-508©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-516©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-523©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-531©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-533©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-542©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-544©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-549©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-552©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-591©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-57©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-60©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-63©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-70©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-79©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-76©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-86©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-89©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-566©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-580©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-597©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-596©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-90©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-607©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-646©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-715©CCP_LR_HodgeDempsey-718

Bride’s Gown: Anne Barge
Jewelry: family heirlooms
Veil: Anne Barge
Shoes: Badgley Mishka
Bridesmaid’s dresses: Jenny Yoo
Bridesmaid’s jewelry: Gold necklaces from Etsy.
Groom and Groomsmen attire: Michael Kors Tux from Lionel Smith’s in Aiken, SC. Bulova watch from Floyd and Green Jewelers in Aiken, SC
Photography: Cameron Reynolds Photography
Florals: Cote Designs Florals and Events
Ceremony Venue: St. John’s Methodist Church
Reception Venue: The Willcox Hotel
Ceremony Music: Jenna Evans, Alec Krok, and Daniel Atkins
Band: The Original Moonlighters
Cake: Publix
Caterer: The Willcox Hotel
Hair and Makeup: Mikel Rumsey
Invitations & paper:


©Cameron Reynolds Photography, LLC. 

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